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Fire Sprinkler Damage


How does fire sprinkler damage occur?

There are only a few instances when fire sprinklers malfunction, but when they do it is often messy and inconvenient. Although they serve as a valuable utility in case of fire, your home or commercial property could be in danger of serious damage if you do not act fast.

Our process to restore fire sprinkler damage includes the standard water damage services but we take extra care to ensure the main water supply is restored so the issue does not happen again.

Depending on how much water has accumulated, will dictate the amount of time needed to restore the damage, and get you back on track. Rest assured, fire sprinkler damage is easy to reverse, but the damage that cannot be reversed is prolonged water damage to a property.

Get in touch with the experts at San Clemente Water Damage when you spot fire sprinkler damage and we’ll arrive on site within 30 minutes to get started on your restoration!

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