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Fire Damage Restoration

When there is fire, and the alarm goes off, the fire department takes charge of putting it out. But when the fire is cleared, San Clemente Fire Damage Repair stands with you to restore your valuable home. The response from us will be prompt and professional. We provide you with experienced fire restoration contractors and house remake teams to suit your need. Our priority is to hygienically clean fire residues and bring maximum comfort back to your house. Our fire damage restoration technicians complete training in corrosion control, soot and mold remediation, smoke deodorization, and refurbishment of floors and ceilings.

What Is a Fire Restoration Contractor?
A fire restoration contractor is a person who is licensed to handle the property that has been affected by fire. He has the skills and team to deal with fire damages such as weakened structures of the house. Here is how you can determine the efficiency of a fire restoration contractor

● Make sure he and his team has the latest training certificates issued from a reliable governing body.
● The contractor’s practice license is updated, ensuring the quality of their work.
● Ask him to validate his experience through proper documents. It is wise to double check his reliability before taking a decision.
● Fire damage restoration is a complicated work. So unless you have seen the qualification and certificates with your own eyes, do not hand over the work to a contractor.
● We recommend you to hire company contractors instead of private ones for professional work.

How Our Process Works
Our work is divided into four phases:

1. Inspection: Inspection is the most crucial phase of fire damage repair. It involves meticulous assessment of the house and your valuables. Once the inspection has been carried out, the personnel then decides what can be saved. After a thorough inspection, the fire damage repair contractor will give you a quotation.
2. Cleaning: After you have agreed upon the quotation. The company will send in workers and machinery required to clean the fire residues.
3. Treatment: Ozone technology is used to remove odor from the building. Make sure you do not enter the house during this treatment because it is a poisonous gas is released. The house is also treated with antibacterial and antifungal agents to help you stay safe from any bacteria once you move back in.
4. Restoration: All structures which require repairs and remake will be sent to the company workshops.

Your property will be restored. San Clemente Fire Damage Repair will take care of it. We feel that it is our moral duty to remind you to stay strong and take care of your family and pets, because house fires can cause severe psychological anxiety. Do not worry about finances. Our packages are pocket-friendly and our services are standardized. We also work with insurance company budgets.

We feel delighted when our clients give forth a good review and return to their home peacefully. For more details on our work execution and customized plans,

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